Wellness Resources

There are a wealth of resources available on the Quinault Indian Reservation to ensure our community has access to well care.  We care about our community and offer assistance wherever you may be struggling.

Suicide Hotline and Crisis Clinic 

Please reach out if you are in crisis!  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7. 

  • Phone: (800) 273-8255

QuinAult Domestic Violence CRisis line

  • Phone: (360) 590-2777

Quinault Family Services

Quinault Family Services is comprised of many social programs to care for our community better.  These divisions include substance issues, elders care, juvenile justice, and other family services. 

  • Phone: (360) 276-4405 ext. 8217

After hours, call Quinault Police Department.  They can contact the on-call worker.

Roger Saux Health Center

Quinault Social Services includes Senior activities and lunch programs, Child Protective Services and foster care referrals, behavioral health counseling, medical records, health benefits, billing, contract health, medical department, lab, massage, pharmacy, community health, nutrition and WIC, CHR Program, dental, diabetes program, social services, senior program, chemical dependency, and fitnesscenters.

  • Director Aliza Brown

  • Phone: (360) 276-8211 ext. 8410

  • E-mail: abrown@quinault.org

Substance Abuse 

Our Social Services Department aims to provide treatment services for Indians living on or near the Reservation.  There are many options available including outpatient care and treatment centers. Roger Saux Chemical Dependency Program.  

  • Phone: (360) 276-4405 


Quinault Probation Office works closely with law enforcement and serves to make a safer community by reducing offender relapse.    The probation Office can counsel offenders and defendants and provide solutions to identifiable problems or refer to other agencies when necessary.  

  • Chief Probation Officer/ Sex Offender Project Manager: Julie Charlton 

  • Phone: (360) 276-8211 ext. 225

  • E-mail: jcharlton@quinault.org