Meet Chief Mark James

Chief Mark James comes to the Quinault Police Department after twenty-five years of service with the Lummi Nation and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Chief James grew up in the Seattle area but maintained close ties with his relations at Lummi.  He graduated from the University of Washington where he played baseball and had the opportunity to tour many parts of the U.S. and Asia.  As a member of the Lummi Tribe, Chief James served with the Nations Police and Natural resources enforcement program for approximately nine years before hiring on with WDFW in early 2001.  As an Officer for WDFW he and his family were transferred to the Aberdeen station in Grays Harbor where Officer James served not only as an enforcement officer, but also as the President of the department's Union for close to twelve years. 

As an Officer, Chief James worked to develop strong community relationships as well as forging positive and productive relations with the surrounding police departments and tribes. After retiring from WDFW in 2016, the opportunity to apply for the position of Public Safety Director for the Quinault Nation presented itself and he was selected from a strong list of candidates.  Chief James brings with him the strong belief that we are here to be warriors for our Nation and People and that the Public Safety Department personnel are to be Care takers for our people and communities.  With that in mind the Public Safety Department developed a new Mission statement and will continue to move forward to insure and maintain strong, vibrant and safe communities for the Quinault Nation.